We are an international team of renowned headhunters focusing on hiring IT staff from the CIS countries for such companies as Google, AliExpress, Yandex, Mail.ru, Booking.com, Facebook and others.

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A cornerstone of leading modern business is an experienced IT team. At TTM Talents, we help local Asian companies hire, grow and transfer top-notch software engineers, programmers and other skilled technicians from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Having placed over 300 technicians and programmers on the local marketplace, we are now ready to repeat our success in Asia, transferring our 20+ years expertise.

Why would you need
programmers from the
CIS countries?

The CIS countries have produced some of the leading minds in the internet infrastructure and computer technology ecosphere.

Many of these countries specialists have started famous IT companies such as Prism, MSQRD, Wargaming, WIX, Evernote, ABBYY, Waves and many others. Some recent paragons of the Russian IT industry like Vitalik Buterin or Vlad Zamfir — have gained increased notoriety through their leadership within the cryptocurrency community.

Did you know that many global leaders and entrepreneurs originate from the CIS — for example, the founder of Google Sergey Brin was born in Russia, the co-founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum was born in a small Ukranian city Fastiv, Max Levchin who co-founded Paypal also has a Ukrainian origin?

A one-stop shop tech
solution for your
IT company in Asia!

We always overachieve our results due to the unique proprietary candidate screening technology, which combines AI and machine learning algorithms. This technology developed by TTM Talents allows to screen a virtually unlimited number of candidates, skim through their CV’s and even assess the quality of programming code they developed! We guarantee that we will find an appropriate candidate for your IT job position in just 4 weeks and if the candidate fails on a probation, we will fill a replace or reimburse you in full.

Our Vision

TTM Talent aims to to connect talented professionals to audacious enterprise, forming strong cooperative bonds to advance business goals through focused IT expertise.

Core Values

Building Trust

If you succeed, we succeed. We listen to our partners, satisfy and exceed their needs and expectations.

Assuring Top Staff Quality

Don’t just gain a partner, gain an asset. We use a specially tailored set of metrics and a proprietary screening technology to find the best match for a businesses’ needs.

Adding Value

Our services become some of the most valuable tools in your arsenal. Our IT experts will adapt their workflow to better accommodate your business, achieving an optimal working balance between employee and enterprise.

Leading Innovation

Growth is one of the most sought after metrics in business. We prime our IT specialists to understand their role as industry leaders that have the capacity to create fungible advancements in their given field of assignment.

Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy starts with a commitment to the growth of our employees.

Provide employees with a sense of fulfillment with attractive working conditions and incentives.

Keep employees up to date with developments, training and coaching.

Encourage employees to excel in providing their most coveted assets.

Business Philosophy

We don’t shy away from challenges, we embrace them.

Our team is equipped to handle the most burdensome of obstacles. We understand that large projects require large commitments in time, resources and will-power. TTM is equipped and ready to provide all the assets needed to assure our clients reach their goals.

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